Friday, April 04, 2014


this year, some surprise tulips came up in our garden. They came from bulbs that had a struggled life before being put in dirt. The blooms have been picked and placed in a vase of water and have had a stunning unfurling on top of our dining table. I have never really cared for tulips before, yet the gentle brush of pink against cream of these particular petals have opened my eyes to tulips in other gardens. As I walk, I discover a bast diversity of colors, hues and shades all in this one flower - the tulip!

Saturday, February 08, 2014

Toy Sculpture by AMWH

What joy it is to see the pride of a one year old when achieving a desired effect. He worked diligently to get the bear head to balance on the top of the spool. When he finally got it, he turned around with a huge grin and bright eyes.

Saturday, February 01, 2014

slow blogging

We have been sick. The littlest one gets it for the longest, but has the most energy even though he feels like crap. I made us all some Elderberry syrup and am proud of that. My attempt at being a blogger again has felt foiled by illness and ill computers as well. May I persevere.

Friday, January 17, 2014

Social Lessons from a Baby

For now, my 11 month old son will be called "DJ Hiccum-up" in my blogging world. It is what we called him when he was especially small and his hiccups took over his entire body. It isn't quite the right name any more, but for this post, it will do. So, DJ Hiccum-up and I were having some food at a burrito place. DJ Hiccum-up noticed the person sitting behind him, a young man in his 20s with long blonde hair, facial hair and a knit hat on his head. The DJ finds hats fascinating along with hoods, eye glasses and earrings. He was quickly intrigued by this person, and kept twisting around to look at him. The man was friendly in return. DJ Hiccum-up, in attempt to make a social connection, began purposely coughing. I thought, how curious that coughing might be something he could use to connect with this person. Has he witnessed enough people coughing that it seems like a universal way to communicate? Yesterday, he waved for the first time. It is something his father and I haven't attempted to teach him, but just about every stranger he looks at will say "can you wave?" or "bye-bye" as they wave, so I was impressed when he did wave back to someone. The world out there taught him that, not us at home. At home, I have been using sign language with DJ Hiccum-up, most consistently around nursing. I've seen babies his age using signs to communicate their desires- eat, milk, all done, more. And although he definitely knows what the sign for milk means, the DJ does not ever use it himself. But what he does use are motions that we use in particular songs. He has 3 different motions that he uses to request 3 favorite songs.